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Treatment at the Med-Palace Diagnostic, Treatment and Rehabilitation Center


One of the main advantages of the Mirotel Resort & Spa is the Med-Palace Center for Diagnostics and Treatment.

Diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation center “Med-Palace” — one of the most modern medical centers in Ukraine, which presents the best medical equipment of leading manufactures of the world. The Med-Palace employs highly skilled specialists who combine the recreational resources of the resort with the latest achievements in the world’s health resort. The medical center consists of a diagnostic center, a hydropathic clinic and a spa center. Mirotel Resort & Spa connects the Med Palas center with a convenient, covered passage.

All patient research results are stored in a single digital database, and you have the ability to get information through any digital device.

Diagnostic, Treatment and Rehabilitation Center “Med-Palace” offers consultations of highly skilled specialists.

Hours: 8:00 to 17:00
Tel.: +380 (3247) 641 31


In the diagnostic center “Med-Palace” you can go through a comprehensive diagnosis. More than 350 diagnostic methods are offered to the visitors of the center, as well as consultations of qualified doctors of all major areas.

Each doctor of the diagnostic center Med-Palace is provided with operational access to the Med-Palace computer database containing information about all patients. Research results can be obtained as a photo or video on digital media.

To establish the exact diagnosis, the specialists of Med-Palace use the following diagnostic methods:

• Ultrasound diagnostic
• endoscopic diagnostic
• duodenal sensing
• X-ray diagnostics
• laboratory diagnostics.

Consultations and treatment of diseases in Med-Palace:

• urology
• therapy
• gastroenterology
• cardiology
• endocrinology
• Neurology
• gynecology
• otolaryngology
• ophthalmology
• Traumatology
• dentistry
• Proctology.


“Med-Palace” provides a wide range of procedures in hardware physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and balneotherapy.

Hydrotherapy in the Med-Palace Medical Center is provided with baths, local and general showers, hydro-ozone therapy and other methods. Hydrotherapy procedures improve blood circulation processes; provide tonic, immune stimulation, sedative and antispasmodic effects. Balneotherapy in the Med-Palace includes external use of mineral water in the form of baths and inner cavity procedures (irrigation and washing), as well as internal application – drinking course of treatment with mineral waters.

For mineral baths, chloride-sodium-magnesium water of high mineralization is used. Mineral baths have an irreplaceable effect in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the internal organs, musculoskeletal system, and diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular system.

The basis of hardware physiotherapy is the influence of physical factors on which the body reacts like an irritant. As a result of irritation, the transformation of external energy into biological processes at the molecular level is carried out.

The therapeutic effect of mineral baths is the chemical, mechanical, temperature and hydrostatic effects on the human body. The use of showers is supplemented by mechanical effects on the skin and muscles, under the influence of which the processes of blood and lymph circulation are intensified, metabolic processes in the cells and the overall metabolism of the organism are improved.

The Med-Palace water treatment center uses both traditional water treatment methods and modern, as well as rare techniques that are not commonly used in Ukrainian health resort. Every day the Med-Palace Hospital provides services to about 500 visitors.

Hydrotherapy procedures:

• Shower
• Circular shower
• Ascending shower
• Underwater shower-massage
• Hydromassage of the pelvic and lower extremities
• Hydromassage of the lower extremities is contrasting
• Hydroozone therapy
• Pearl bath
• Galvanized
• Four-chamber galvanic bath
• Carbonic bath
• Dry carbonic bath
• Hydrocolonotherapy and others.

Balneotherapy procedures:

• Mineral bath
• Mineral bath with aromatherapy
• Pearl bath with Dead Sea salt.

Physical Therapy Procedures:

• Electrotherapy and magnetic therapy
• Mechanical methods of treatment
• Phototherapy
• Vacuum therapy
• Thermotherapy
• Inhalation therapy
• Aromatherapy
• Speleotherapy.


The hotel has its own pump room for the convenience of our guests, which offers a wide range of medical waters: Naftusya, Maria, Sofia, Bronislawa. Water is delivered to the room three times a day in special certified containers, which allows you to keep all the therapeutic properties of water.

Mineral water is used for internal (so-called drinking treatment) and external use (bath, bathing, shower, carried out in balneological hospitals and medicinal pools, as well as for inhalations and rinses in diseases of the nasopharynx and upper respiratory tract, for irrigation with gynecological diseases and etc.).

Indications for treatment at the Med-Palace diagnostic and treatment center:

Kidney and urinary tract diseases:

• Chronic pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, congenital renal anomalies, chronic prostatitis, diathesis, chronic cystitis.

Diseases of the digestive system:

• Chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer in the stomach and duodenum.

Diseases of the metabolism:

• Overweight, diabetes mellitus.

Diseases of the circulatory system:

• Hypertonic disease of the 1st and 2nd degree, chronic ischemic heart disease with circulatory failure not exceeding 1 degree, varicose disease of the vessels of the lower extremities, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis.

Respiratory Diseases:

• Bronchitis, bronchial asthma.

Diseases of the peripheral nervous system:

• Neuralgia, nephritis, neuroses, asthenia.

Diseases of the bodies of motion:

• Arthrosis, osteochondrosis, psoriatic arthropathy, crystalline arthropathy (gout).

Skin Diseases:

• Allergic dermatitis, psoriasis.